Services We Provide

Laser Therapy

An Erchonia PL5000 cold laser is used to help increase the speed of healing up to 25-60 percent faster than if healing by itself. It is a low level, non invasive laser that is used to help heal tissues that were damaged in a more efficient and timely manner. Many professional sports teams use the Erchonia laser to help get their athletes back to play faster when recovering from an injury. The laser is used for a multitude of injury and illnesses some of which include: Broken bones, sprains/ strains of ligaments and muscles, infections, skin issues, and brain injury.

The biological effects of Low Level Laser Therapy have been shown to significantly accelerate and enhance the body natural defense and repair abilities. By reducing inflammation as well as enhancing specific repair and healing processes, Low Level Laser Therapy has been proven to provide pain relief, reduce cell damage due to the injury and resulting loss of function. Low Level Laser Therapy enables the body to have a more rapid repair and stronger tissues once healed.

Brain Balancing

Evaluates for brain imbalances which cause muscle and mobility restrictions. The Cold Laser plus Eye Lights are used to restore balance and improve focus and fine motor control.

Utilizing Eyelights which were designed to provide optimal stimulation to your brain using the optic nerve.  The glasses are designed with flashing lights built to fit behind the lenses; they can be programmed to blink on the non dominant eye in order to strengthen the weaker side of the brain.

Since one of the most direct avenues to the brain is via the eye, a child can learn more effectively if they are seeing correctly.  An athlete will perform better because the eye is able to gather all of the information necessary to perform.  By stimulating the weaker hemisphere of the brain you allow it to become stronger thus improving overall performance….it “wakes up the weaker side of the brain”

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation uses an electrical current that can cause a single muscle or a group of muscles to contract. It is used for strengthening muscles, increasing blood supply to affected area, reducing pain and swelling, and re-educating muscles. This type of treatment is especially helpful for muscles recovering after a competition or workout.

Most injuries have pain associated with the injury site. Transcutaneous electrical stimulation and inferential current are effective at addressing this pain. Electrical stimulation controls pain by interfering with the pain signals at the spinal cord level.

If a muscle has become atrophied from injury or lack of use, Russian setting can be used. This setting causes a muscle contraction helping to strengthen the area.
Electrical stimulation is relatively safe treatment with very few adverse effects. The treatment is generally not painful but tingling sensation will be felt.


The Erchonia Variable Percussor is a hand-held mechanical adjustment device with a unique “Galvanic Wave” action that can be used to reduce muscle spasms, increase circulation, release fascia restrictions, drain the lymphatic system and more. It is used to get deep into myofacial tissues.  It will release adhesion's within the muscle allowing for greater range of motion and asymmetry within the affected area.


Ultrasonic waves are transmitted into the affected area of the body using either a thermal or non thermal setting. The main purpose of ultrasound is to speed up the healing process by increasing blood flow, decrease pain by reducing swelling and edema, using the ultrasound head to gently massage the muscles, tendons, and ligaments and breaking up trigger points that are causing pain in the muscles. Our office utilizes the combination of both electrical stimulation and ultrasound when treating our patients to give them maximum results.

Ultrasound uses acoustic energy at a high frequency.  A continuous wave produces thermal effects.  These thermal effects include increased blood flow, a reduction of stiffness and spasm, and increase in flexibility of tendon and joint capsules, and decreased pain.  Pulsed waves typically produce non-thermal effects.  These effects include tissue regeneration, collagen synthesis, an increase in blood flow, and a reduction of edema, an excess of fluid which causes swelling.


Therapeutic cupping is a therapy using cups and suction. The cups are placed over the body (depending on the area of focus) and the suction is used to create a negative pressure between the skin and the cup. The suction created can encourage blood flow, sedate the nervous system, movement of toxins, loosen muscles and create movement.

Cupping is similar to massage but rather than applying pressure downwards to the muscle, the cups use gentle pressure to pull the muscles upward. Cupping is typically used to relieve pain and stiff muscles but can even help with fatigue, migraines, cellulite and chronic pain conditions.

There are little to no side effects to cupping but as you may seen on many famous athletes, there are marks left behind after cupping therapy. These marks are toxins and blood rising to the surface creating a bruise like effect that lasts anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks.

Cupping is an incredible healthy therapy.